Welcome to West of Vintage. My name is Michaela. I founded this little shop in June '22 with a head full of western dreams. West of Vintage was born from a love of vintage and sustainable fashion. Each collection is curated with a mix of secondhand, true vintage, and reworked clothing items & accessories.

Clothing simply isn't made like it used to be, and heaps of high-quality clothing items fill our thrift stores and landfills worldwide. My mission with West of Vintage is simple:

  • Quality - to deliver high quality, predominantly USA made, and/or 100% natural fabric (cotton, linen, silk) clothing items that last for many years to come.
  • Wearability - to source clothing items that can be styled in many ways and given a second life in modern day.
  • Affordability - to support "slow fashion" in its truest form, at a price point that is accessible and appealing to individuals who might otherwise shop popular fast fashion brands.

Each item from West of Vintage is hand-sourced by me, then washed, styled, and prepared for its second life with YOU <3

Any Questions? Contact me or read through our FAQs.